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Part 1, Defining Social Media

Social media is a web-based communication tool that enables people to interact with each other by sharing and consuming information. Common social media features are personal user accounts, profile page, the content posted (pictures, post, hashtags, etc.), your likes, shares, comments, and the polls you may participate in. The most common social media platforms are, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Let’s go ahead and define what some of these terms are to get a better understanding.


Social: refers to interacting with other people by sharing and receiving information.

Media: an instrument of communication. For example, tv, radio, internet, newspaper.

Personal user accounts: When a site allows visitors to create their own account, so that they can log into it at their leisure, this is the first indication that it may be user- based interaction.

Profile pages: Social media profile pages often include information about the individual, for example, profile picture, bio, an attached website, feed of recent posts, personal preferences, recent activities and more. This is a space to create your own brand.

Friends, followers, groups, hashtags: This is how individuals connect online whether it is mutual friends, common interest, and or the hashtags that are used.

Newsfeed: When users connect with other users on social media, they’re really saying, “ I want to get and share information from other people.” This information is usually updated for them in real time.

Like button and comment sections: The most common ways we interact online.

Personalization: The beauty of social media is it gives you the opportunity to either create a false reality or be your authentic self. You’re able to manage information you put out and see and even give feedback on what you do and don’t want to see.

Review, rating or voting systems: Besides the most common ways of connecting with others many social sites are now incorporating polls to have their users vote on information that either they have used or liked.

While, social media can be fun and help you connect with your old high school friends there are some serious issues that have yet to be solved.

Spam: No, not the meat in the tin can, but the bombardment of unwanted content.

Cyberbullying/ Cyberstalking: Teenagers and children are susceptible to cyberbullying because they take more chances with what they post and who they interact with.

Now that we’ve broken down what social media was stay tuned for part 2 of Social Media

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