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Strength & Success 

DMC is a full-service marketing, advertising and consulting agency that collaborates with you to achieve your marketing objectives of business growth, product awareness, company branding, product branding and more.

DMC Marketing Group is listed on the Centralized Masters Bidders List (CMBL) and we are certified by the State of Texas as a Historically Underutilized Business (HUB).

What We Do

DMC Marketing Group knows that the simplest ideas have the ability to make the greatest impact. Reaching your audience and leaving an impression they won't soon forget is what we do.

Strategy Planning  Writing 
Campaign Development 

 Product Branding   Social Media Campaigns

Video Development    Traditional Media Buying  

Creative Development Social Media Management 

Video Production  Digital Media Buying   Content Writing

What we do.

Why DMC?

Why DMC?

We are committed to your success.

Our team of dedicated professionals will propel  your business forward.

  • We provide marketing results.

  • We deliver quality work.

  • We develop strong creative.

  • We focus on our customers.

THe Difference (our commitment)


DMC develops  fully integrated marketing campaign for business. We plan and invest your media dollars to meet your marketing objectives. Strategically, we develop a marketing plan utilizing traditional, digital and social media components that will reach your target audience.

Tyrone Curl

Full Time


  • Project identification and scope

  • Project assessment and alignment with marketing objectives

  • We become a full-time team member of your business

  • We will know your business in and out

  • All of our resources will be available to you

Monthly Retainer Partnership 

  • Receive a base number of marketing hours dedicated to your account.

  • Projects developed above the monthly base of hours will be billed at an hourly rate.

  • Identify what projects are developed and delivered for implementation​.

Project Based Partnership

  • Services are paid per project.

  • You receive the deliverables.

  • You determine the number of projects that are developed.


Clients &


“He is a GURU at marketing/advertising strategies and consulting. He has helped me a ton in my transition to independent wealth management business and overall branding.”


“The planning and homework done to understand my business and how to meet the goals I wanted to achieve, made the difference.”

-Mike, Healthcare Business

“Organization, planning and implementation are just some of the things I like about the way the work gets done!”

-Jennifer,  Healthcare Industry

“The best decision I have made for my advertising.”

-Jack ,  Adventure & Recreation 

“I saw the difference in the marketing of my business, the transparency and fluidity of the comprehensive approach was much appreciated.”


-Karen, Financial Industry

“Contact them today and see a difference in your marketing.

-Dereck ,  Automotive Retail 

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